Another A tiny house with a built-in rock-climbing wall

You would think that living in little houses might be a source of frustration for couples, but it may actually bring them closer together, literally and emotionally. Curbed explores five tiny house designs from different couples who have made their space work beautifully for both individuals. Sharing space with anyone can have it's ups and downs, but imagine that space being a mere 200 square feet or maybe even smaller. That's what tiny house dwellers like these five couples are choosing when they make the switch from a conventionally sized home to a tiny house on wheels. Generally, tiny houses on wheels are usually under 400 square feet, and they can't be much larger than that because of the restrictions on the dimensions. The restrictions are there so they can be highway safe and legal and so that the owners don't need a permit to tow them. The size limitation makes for one cozy, cute home, but can also make for a lot of challenges to fit everything a couple needs into a very small house. Good thing these couples seem to enjoy a challenge and face it with imagination and creativity.

For example one of the couples, Kelsey and Breck, created their cool tiny house on wheels that features a rock climbing wall facade. Tiny Heirloom was the company that built Breck and Kelsey's adventuristic home, but the couple created the tiny house designs all on their own. Their design is set on a trailer that is 28 feet long, providing tons of space for them both. The rock climbing wall they implemented is one of the coolest things ever. The couple decided to integrate their love of rock climbing into their home environment so that they can practice and enjoy the sport whenever they want. This is what tiny house designs are all about; incorporating your passions and pleasures into your home. An unconventional way of building, but a very welcome change indeed. Another couple in Oregon, Tina and Luke Orlando, love their furry family members, so they created a tiny house on wheels that will accommodate not just them, but their pets. They found space to add in the pet's kennels and food stations as well as an upper deck for themselves. One of the other tiny houses in this list shows how a separate bedroom can be turned into a work area to accommodate those who work from home.

If you need more space but still wish to live tiny, architect Petr Stoln has come up with a great idea to pair two little houses together. Each house has a purpose, so for example, one could be the office space and one could be the living and sleeping area. In between the little houses, he calls the Zen Houses; he created a little patio area that could also serve as a shady garden for shade loving plants. Most people would wonder about closet space if they were to live in a tiny house. Not to worry, as the Moon Dragon tiny house from Zyl Vardos shows us, there are plenty of ways you can create adequate storage for both people in the home. Think of different places where you can add in more storage, like over the doorways, or at the end of the loft. Some people even make storage headboards for their beds and use storage ottomans for seating. Getting inspiration from other people's tiny house designs is a great way to get exactly what you want and need in your very own tiny house design. Check out these amazing tiny houses and others on Curbed.***

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