Off-Grid 333sf Tiny House Looks Like It Leapt Off the Pages of a Storybook!

The Moon Dragon tiny house building is like nothing you've seen before. Small house living is more popular than ever before, with plenty of tiny house buildings to choose from. But the unique small house plans you'll find at the Zyl Vardos site will change the way you think about small house living. The Moon Dragon is just one of the unique small house plans on the site, and this tiny house building is one of their larger tiny house designs. The Moon Dragon is 9.25 feet wide by 24 feet long. Some of the features you will find in the Moon Dragon tiny house building include the cedar exterior, handmade windows and Dutch entry door, a domed roofline, a sleeping loft that can fit a queen bed with room enough to walk on either side. Other features include the spacious kitchen, a bathroom with a vanity sink and a Nature's Head composting toilet, concrete shower with glass door, Bamboo or cork floor, tongue and groove ceiling, birch or mahogany wall paneling that can be painted, two large closets in the loft, unique stairs with integrated slide out pantry and so much more. The Moon Dragon House is priced at $110,00 for the one pictured on the site. This price can change depending on the features that you choose. You will want to take a closer look at this unique small house plan.

The Moon Dragon tiny house building is just one of the unique small house plans you might choose. Tiny house buildings will vary in price depending on the sort of options that you choose, and the size of tiny house design. Zyl Vardos builds custom tiny house buildings so their prices might seem high, but you get what you pay for. Some of the things that this tiny house builder offers include the stunning interiors. They design their interiors using both traditional and modern elements. Their interiors are notable for feeling roomy and bright. They can also completely customize your tiny house building layout. Zyl Vardos is known for their sculpted architecture. Their unique small house plans are beautiful to look at, while also being comfortable to live within. These tiny house buildings have hand-built windows and doors, solid wood designs, engineered for function and longevity. They use natural building materials. To keep you healthy, they source extremely-low-emissions building materials and finishes. These designs have hand-fabricated copper and steel roofing. They achieve the unique and weatherly roof designs by hand-fabricating them from raw building materials. They have 25 years experience in custom residential roof systems.

The things that stand out the most with the Moon Dragon unique small house plan is the attention to detail and the quality wood construction. Building with wood offers several benefits. When forest products are used in the construction of your tiny house building, they continue to store the carbon for the life of the unique small house plan and beyond. When wood fibrer is recycled or reclaimed the carbon in the wood continues to be stored. Wood also requires less energy to manufacture than other building materials such as concrete and steel. Wood is a durable building material. Wood building products can be locally produced. This contributes to the long-term economic stability of local communities and generates job training and research collaborations between educational institutions and industry. Wood buildings can provide residents with a connection to nature. Wood can be incorporated into tiny house building design in many ways, as a structural component or an architectural element.

You will find the Moon Dragon unique small house plan at the Zyl Vardos site. On the site, you will find other unique small house plans, tiny house buildings and small house living inspiration. **

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