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This tiny house building might just be the original tiny house on wheels. The tiny house building was built on top of a Ford T. The tiny house on wheels from the factory, came with a 20 hp engine and two-speed transmission. It would be quite difficult for this little engine to move around with a tiny house building on top unless the motor had some modifications. You have to love the carefully designed details. This tiny house on wheels might just be the cutest tiny house building you've seen.

Downsizing into a tiny house building or tiny house on wheels have several advantages. Small house living can offer money savings and little commitment. Sure there might be some disadvantages to having less space, but many people will agree that the advantages outweigh the hardships. The cost of small house living allows you to save a lot of money. With all that money you save, you can invest it in yourself to help improve other aspects of your life. Investing in yourself might give you the freedom to opt for a change of scenery. Small house living means that its easier to move. If you dont like the commitment that a standard sized home offers and you are a person who likes to move every once in a while, then a tiny house on wheels would be perfect for you. A tiny house building can be anything you want it to be. A tiny house building doesnt have to be a full-time dwelling. Some people choose to use a tiny house building as a home office or to keep a space ready for when the in-laws or some guests come to visit. And tiny house buildings are great for parents who have their millennial children come back home and have turned to tiny house buildings as a way to give their adult kids a nice place to live while they still maintain some privacy. Even the federal government knows the value of a tiny house building, with tiny house designs of 308 square feet serving as a welcome alternative to FEMA trailers in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Customization is fun. A tiny house building straight off the lot might not be the best bet for some people, and a custom design might be where its at. With a tiny house building, you will want to make double duty of the entire space, with Murphy beds making a comeback, as people who have limited space cant afford the luxury of having just a bedroom. With a tiny house building, every room of the house has to serve a dual purpose, and a wall bed is just one of the easiest ways to turn a bedroom into a flex room. A tiny house building allows you to get back to basics. A house really is a place to keep all your stuff; a tiny house building is a home that forces you to get rid of some of that stuff. As houses become bigger and bigger, it's easy to become overrun with too much stuff. In a tiny house building, you are forced to pare down, and consider every item and choose only the things that truly matter to you. The freedom from so much stuff can be an exhilarating part of living in a tiny house on wheels or tiny house building.

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